The project aims to develop develop a uniform health literacy program for members of the Roma. community, which will be unique, as it will be adapted and intended for members of the Roma community, who are among the most, if not the most marginalized group in all partner countries and at EU level. 


With the help of such a program, we will be able to influence the empowerment of our target group in the field of health, develop their health literacy and influence the improvement of their lifestyle and habits to reduce morbidity. To achieve such a comprehensive goal among the Roma community, we need to approximate basic information in the field of health and the health care system in a language and manner adapted to it, taking into account the didactic and methodological specifics of our target groups. 


Intending to include all Roma groups living in the EU and taking into account the cultural differences between these groups, we formed a broad partnership of organizations from 8 different countries to take into account the latter in preparing the health literacy program, as each of the organizations involved in the project works with a different group of Roma, so they know their cultural differences, which need to be included in the preparation of the program.